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Motorcyclists in particular, and other road users, tend to routinely leave their indicators on, leaving themselves open to potentially dangerous situation where their intentions can be misunderstood by others.

We have something that can help with that.

Designed and made HERE, the BlinkaThinka will remind you to cancel your indicator after a set number of indicator flashes. If you use the brake the count resets, so sat at an intersection it ignores the indicators.

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Cruise Control


We've been installing and servicing the AUSTRALIAN MADE MC Cruise systems for many years now.

You wont find a better, safer, easier to use cruise for motorcycles anywhere.

The MC Cruise has many safety features including brake light sense and engine speed increase detection 



Want to know where your bike anytime day or night, or show others just where you've been up 12 months ago? Had your bike stolen and wished you knew where it is?

These GPS Trackers cost next to nothing to run on a long life TELSTRA SIM, data is kept on a FREE tracking platform for up to 12 months. There are options, included in the pack, for remote engine cut off and a microphone so you can call and listen. All controlled from a mobile phone or the desk top computer. There is battery back up as well as an alarm if its disconnected from the bike battery 

Check the Demonstration tracking using 1234567 as account and password of 123456




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